Friday, November 30, 2012

Here it is!

Earlier this week, I shared with my readers who receive my newsletter the cover of my new book, and now I am happy to share with you, my dear blog readers, what will be releasing next fall…

Isn’t it beautiful! I was so excited to see this – when a publisher sends you the cover, it really is like seeing your baby for the first time. You really hope against hope that she’s beautiful, but you’re holding your breath that she could be really ugly too. (Just kidding on the actual child part – however when it comes to books, I’m afraid I speak the truth. Though none of MY book covers have ever fit the ugly category.)

Actually, I’ve really just shown you a portion of it. To see the entire cover and hear more about the book, take a quick little hop, skip, and jump over to my main website at (You’ll love it, I promise!)


2 Responses to Here it is!

  1. i saw your cover for your new book and i must say i love it!!!( i also liked the cover for p31) The cover for your new book is so peaceful and serene really portraying a woman free and embracing her journey i love it!God bless :-)

  2. Thank you Derricka! Really appreciate you saying so! I was so excited to see where the publisher went with the cover for the sequel. It really captures the essence I think of what the takeaway will be. Thanks again for stopping by.

    ~ Sara

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