Crazy Christmas

A Crazy Christmas

This is the Proverbs 31 Guide for Stressed Out, Normal, Far from Perfect Moms Christmas Version! So many of us lose the joy of why we celebrate Christmas because we get caught up in the trimmings instead of the teaching God wants to share with us during this most special of times for believers.

Women will be encouraged to:

  • Avoid the trap of Christmas comparisons
  • To stop competing with others and focus on hearing God's voice for themselves
  • Apply 3 important traits this holiday season that will make a difference in her life and her family
christmas-compelled by christ

Compelled by Christ - Christmas Ladies Event

All of us want happy marriages and happy kids - but for most of us, if we’re honest, we feel less happy than happy on any given day. We don’t always feel loved or appreciated. Sometimes we don’t feel... anything. But tired. And stressed. And overloaded from responsibilities we’ll start all over again with tomorrow.

In this message, Sara shares with women the lesson God’s taught her in what it means to love and be loved - and the choice she needed to make to see not only positive changes in her marriage and family, but positive changes in herself.

Women will be encouraged to:

  • Understand why most conflict in marriage and family starts and what minimizes it or completely prevents it
  • Discover the reason so many of us become disappointed in our spouses and why it may not be all his fault
  • Learn how to apply three words in your marriage that will change how you see your husband - and maybe even how your husband sees you