Meet Sara

Meet Sara Horn

About Sara Horn

Author and speaker Sara Horn is passionate about encouraging women to be real in their lives and in their faith as they put God first. As the founder of Wives of Faith, a ministry for military wives, and a military wife herself, Sara has encouraged military wives of all branches of service to seek God’s strength over their own.

As God has expanded her ministry over the last eight years through books and speaking to women everywhere, she has helped thousands to:

  • See the incredible value they have through God’s eyes and achieve greater understanding of His Word;
  • Learn, believe and live out their distinct callings;
  • Understand and fulfill their roles as wives, mothers and friends within their families, churches and communities;
  • Develop and cultivate strong relationships with God.
  • Remember it’s ok not being perfect.

Meet SaraHow Sara Got Started

Sara’s own story began when she started writing professionally more than fourteen years ago. As the wife of a Navy reservist, she had the rare privilege of traveling to Iraq twice in 2003 to report and write stories of Christians in the military. Her first book, A Greater Freedom: Stories of Faith from Operation Iraqi Freedom, recorded those travels and was written with Oliver North, receiving a 2005 Gold Medallion nomination. Her subsequent books for the military wife include GOD Strong, and the Bible study, Tour of Duty.

But it was during her experience living out and writing about the Proverbs 31 wife in her book, the popular My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife, that God began transforming both her life and her marriage, and through her honest and open style of sharing both her questions and her failures, she’s encouraged countless other women to take perfection less seriously and change their perspectives for God’s when it comes to their marriages. Sara has also proved she’s not afraid of the harder issues, taking on the controversial topic of biblical submission in her most recent book, My So-Called Life as a Submissive Wife. Her most recent book, How Can I Possibly Forgive?, released in October of 2014.

Though in her early years, Sara said she’d never do women’s ministry, God had other plans, and He’s instilled in her a passion to encourage and speak to the hearts of women, reminding them of the hope and strength we have when we rely on Him.

Where Sara’s Been

Sara is a frequent contributor to multiple publications such as Home Life, Parent Life, Focus on the Family, and as a regular columnist for’s Marriage channel, with numerous appearances on radio and television including Focus on the Family, Family Life Today and the Today Show.

She enjoys speaking to both women’s and military wife groups, averaging ten to twelve events each year, and speaks at popular women’s conferences including Hearts at Home, the new Tenacious Faith conference, and LifeWay’s dotMom conferences.

But Sara knows her first ministry starts at home, where she and her family reside in the Baton Rouge, LA area. Besides the good food and good friendships they have there, she enjoys co-teaching an adult Sunday school class with her husband, Cliff, at their church and spending time in the mom trenches with their 14-year-old son, Caleb. She also helps teach a seasonal mid-week women’s Bible study for her church’s women’s ministry. Join Sara in being more intentional in living out God’s truth in your life and in your faith. God doesn’t ask for your perfection, just your availability!

Now Let Me Tell You About the Ordinary Me… Sara enjoying the cookies she made for her husband

So what you just read is my formal bio, what my publisher and my conference hosts and my media friends ask for, which makes me sound way more put together than I actually am. So let me tell you what my close friends already know (well, and those of you who have read the My So-Called Life books… if you’ve read those, you probably know way more about me than you ever wanted to.)

I spell my name with an ‘a’.

My mom named me after Abraham’s “Sarah” in the Bible, except she didn’t keep the ‘h’ because she wanted her little girl’s name to be more unique. That hasn’t stopped most people from trying to add it. I was also very relieved to become a Horn. My maiden name was Bowlby (pronounced bowl-bee) but you can imagine the number of different ways people tried pronouncing it as I was growing up. Though if I say my married last name on the phone, usually the person on the other line thinks I’m saying “Warren.” Which is why I spell out my last name with four simple letters any time I say it, at least on the phone – which as I think about it, probably comes across as super weird to whatever customer service rep I’m talking to at the moment – but it saves time and confusion.

Sara and her husband CliffMy husband looks like Taylor Lautner.

I haven’t seen the Twilight movies or read the books (and no, I don’t plan to – vampires and werewolves are not my thing) but apparently the 16-year-old at the grocery store thinks he does. I personally think he looks a little like Superman, the Dean Cain version. At any rate, he’s my Superman, and my real-life hero. He’s served in the Navy Reserves as a Seabee for almost 20 years (we’ve been married for 17 and counting!) and he’s deployed three times in the last six years, twice to combat zones. He calls me Beautiful, and I call him Handsome, and my dream is that when we’re both in our nineties and neither of us can remember our own names, we’ll at least still be calling each other something. Preferably those.

Sara and her son CalebI’m the mom of one.

Our son, Caleb, is 14 and while you might immediately think he plays football because of his size (he’s a good five inches taller than me now), you would be wrong. He has no desire to be tackled, but he does enjoy playing trumpet for his high school band. Though his laid-back, no care in the world attitude – just like the other male in our house – can drive this type-A mama crazy some days, his compassion for others and his love for God also makes me very proud.

I love encouraging military wives.

My ministry, Wives of Faith, was started the year my husband left for his first deployment when we lived in Nashville and was born out of a very real need to connect with others who were walking in the same season I was. I had no idea at the time the ministry would expand as much as it has in the nine years since it started. If you’re a military wife, I invite you to check it out!

IMG_1088I think we learn and grow together when we are ok in our mess.

Do you know what I mean by that? No one is perfect. The dog is going to leave a “present” in your living room exactly at the wrong time (really, when is there a right time for that?), you’re going to snap at your kids more than you wish you would, work schedules and church schedules and sports schedules are going to make you want to schedule yourself right out of the country – but sitting down with your friends and pretending everything is just fine has never blessed or encouraged anyone. Being ok despite your mess – THAT blesses me, because that tells me God works for our good in ALL things, even through our messes. And He’s working in your messes too. My story’s messy. So is my life (and my house) on more occasions than not. But through our messes we can see God the clearest. When we keep looking for Him.


Be blessed today, my sweet friend!