Meet Sara


Hi, there! My name is Sara Horn and I’m so glad to see you!

Welcome to my space on the web I’ve designed to help you learn how to be intentional in your leadership - so you can be influential in your world.

If you’re like other women who are hungry to make a difference in ministry, your career, or in your home, you already have the passion and purpose to lead and influence others. But passion can peter out when life gets real, kids get sick or plans fall through.

This is something I understand really well. I’ve been in the deep emotional valleys and I’ve made the costly mistakes. I’ve also felt the heavy disappointment of failure and frustration when the goal I wanted to accomplish always seemed just out of reach.

But if you think all the doors and windows have been nailed shut, my friend, let me tell you - you’re forgetting about the ROOF!

You CAN be the influence you want to be and you can be the confident leader you know deep down that you are.

What You Can Expect

I’m sharing through this site what I’ve learned over the last 12 years about leadership and influence as a wife, mom, employee, ministry leader, Bible teacher, author and speaker.

My hope is that you leave with a deeper understanding of what it takes to overcome the obstacles, ignore the internal and external negative voices, and find the courage to achieve your goals.

Over the years I’ve had opportunities to remind thousands of women through my books, blog posts and events of this one important statement that greatly changed my own life: to be influential, you have to be intentional… and the practical things you can do to be that intentional influence.

Is this something you want, too?

Here are 5 ways I can help you be more intentional in your influence as a leader.

  • You can read my blog or my books.
  • You can sign up for one of my one-on-one leadership coaching sessions (space is extremely limited)
  • You can download some of my ministry resources or sign up for the quarterly subscription resources service I offer to women's ministry leaders and teams. (COMING SOON!)
  • You can listen to my women's leadership podcast (launching in 2018!)
  • You can attend one of my speaking events (or invite me - I’d love to come!)

If we want to be influential leaders, we have to be intentional leaders. Let’s work on being intentional, together.

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