My Disclosure Policy

I have blogged in some form or fashion since 2005 but I have never attempted or looked for ways to be compensated for what I share on my blog until this year (2015), when I finally realized that the time and the effort and the energy I put into sharing and helping my readers won’t be possible if I can’t pay the costs that are associated with running a blog as well as my writing and speaking business, Sara Horn, LLC.

This blog is mine, and mine alone. I am currently transitioning from sharing only faith and marriage topics to including other topics that are also important to me – parenting, homekeeping, and (leadership in) ministry. Ever since my experiment of living out Proverbs 31 for a year, I have continued learning and growing as a wife and mom, and several months ago, I realized I’ve shared very little of what I’ve learned since writing the book – and I want to change that.

While I founded Sara Horn, LLC and became a for-profit S Corporation several years ago, I’ve made no real attempt to make any income through this blog or website with the exception of my store which I use to sell my books, and my speaking page which takes requests for opportunities to speak at paid events.

I’ve realized, however, with the help of mentors and other advisors I respect and admire, that if I can’t financially sustain what I do, I won’t be able to continue doing what I do. And by “financially sustain,” I mean by having the ability to cover all costs associated with the management and maintaining of this website including hosting fees, web updates, design, my time and the time of others who help me with various parts of this site.

I LOVE what I do –  which is to encourage you to be intentional with the influence God’s given you, and for us to learn together how we can prosper in the perfectly imperfect.

So, per the FTC’s regulations, this is a full explanation of how I am, and how I may be, compensated today through this blog and in the future.

My Opinion

I’ve never been someone to write a lot of reviews, especially if I do not like a product or service. If you do see a review that I’ve written on this blog, you can be sure of two things: 1) I absolutely love what I’m recommending and 2) I have personally used it/read it/experienced it and would recommend it regardless of whether I’ve been asked to promote it or whether there is any kind of available compensation such as an affiliate link or product payment or commission.

Paid or Compensated Guest Posts

Typically, I do not allow any guests posts where the party in question has paid me to share their content. I don’t care for those kinds of posts, and I don’t like being asked.

Giveaways and Compensation

If I offer a giveaway on my website, any opinion I share about the giveaway is strictly my own and is not influenced by anything I’ve received. If I am provided a product for review, I am often allowed to keep it in exchange for my time and my opinion and this will be fully disclosed on the giveaway itself.

If I’ve received any free item from a company, that I either give away to my readers or I keep for myself, I will disclose this with any mention of that product. At the same time, if I rave about my favorite kitchen gadget or my favorite Scripture memory tool (Scripture Typer), and I don’t mention that I’ve received this from the company, then you can be confident that I’ve either purchased it myself or received it as a gift from family or friends – and I just really, really love it. (Which, when it comes to Scripture Typer, I really, really do.)

I’ve built my relationship with you, my readers,  on the basis of being real and being honest. I’ve shared the good, the bad and the really bad with you as I’ve attempted to become a better wife and mom, and you can be sure that I will continue offering that same honesty when it comes to sharing my opinions with you, also.

Affiliate Marketing and Advertising

Another way I earn revenue and income through this blog is by using affiliate links when appropriate and where it makes sense to use them. My business, Sara Horn, LLC, participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, or It is also important to remember that prices change quickly on Amazon so you will need to confirm that the price I share in the post is the price you pay prior to finalizing your purchase.

It’s important for you to know that I will never link to something just because it’s an affiliate link. Often, what I write about or recommend will NOT have an affiliate link. If it does, I usually have learned about the existing affiliate opportunity after I’d already decided to write about it.

The following companies are some, but not necessarily all, of the companies I link to using affiliate links. As I do more with affiliate links, more names will be added to this list:

  • Amazon
  • Upromise


You may also see advertising in my sidebars and occasionally within or at the end of a post. I will take extreme care to utilize advertising services that also reflect my values and show ads that fit with the values of my blog and website. Should an ad appear that does not fit my values and morals, please know this was not intentional on my part, and will be corrected and adjusted as soon as possible.

For your clear understanding, when you click on an affiliate link, or an ad that’s either in a sidebar or in a post itself, and you sign up for a service or purchase a product or visit a brand or service’s website,, you will help me earn a commission and in turn, help me continue to keep this blog going as I work hard to create content that is meaningful and encouraging for you.

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