How Can I Possibly Forgive?

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Sometimes it’s a struggle to forgive a friend, a family member, a coworker, or a neighbor. This book helps you to look at the meaning of forgiveness and the impact that choosing to forgive—or refusing to forgive—has on your life. It will help you identify the battles worth fighting and the ones that aren’t and how to tell the difference.

Life isn’t about holding on to destructive and painful experiences. It’s about letting go. And it’s about letting God work in our trying situations so we can see Him more clearly on the other side.

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1 review for How Can I Possibly Forgive?

  1. Pavan C

    I am struggling to forgive myself very hard for the repeated mistake i have done against the will of god.I thank sara horn for presenting this book for making the people to devolop their hearts by forgiveness which is one of the expression of love for others.

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