Temperature Check

What's Your Temperature?

Session 1: The Proverbs 31 Guide for Stressed Out, Normal, Far from Perfect Moms

Women will be encouraged to:

  • Understand the most important lesson we miss when we talk about Proverbs 31 (and it has nothing to do with housework!)
  • Realize the influence God’s placed within you for your family, for better or worse, and learn three ways you can quickly become an influence for good.
  • Think about God’s purpose for your lives as wives and moms and women  and develop your own set of Proverbs 31 traits (discussion/interaction opportunity)

Session 2: We Set the Temperature in Our Homes

Women will be encouraged to:

  • Stop doubting your abilities start living with confidence in the circumstance God’s placed you  (instead of wondering if God made a mistake!)
  • Learn why knowing the difference between a shovel and a funnel can make you a better mom and friend
  • Discover the significance you have to God and to others, including your family
  • Identify your Temperature Influencer Type and know your strengths and weaknesses (discussion/interaction opportunity)

Session 3: Love HIS Way - Choosing What Changes Our Marriages & Families for the Better

Women will be encouraged to:

  • Understand why most conflict in marriage and family starts and what minimizes it or completely prevents it
  • Discover the reason so many of us become disappointed in our spouses and why it may not be all his fault
  • Learn how to apply three words in your marriage that will change how you see your husband - and maybe even how your husband sees you
Be the Woman

Be the Woman

Session 1: Be a Woman of Worth

Women will be encouraged to:

  • see the worth and value they have, first, through their identity in Christ
  • challenged to think about and compare their dependence on others (relational idolatry) versus their dependence on God (interaction/discussion opportunity)
  • Think about the words of Paul in Philippians and challenged to live them out: “Just one thing: Live your life in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ...” (Phil. 1:27)

Session 2: Be a Woman of Influence

Women will be encouraged to:

  • hear the story of a personal journey of realizing a woman’s power for influence - for better or for worse
  • be challenged to think about the influence a young woman shares today, and consider how she will influence in the future? (marriage, children, ministry, coworkers, friends)
  • learn what influence is NOT (control, manipulation, intimidation)
  • learn what influence IS (encouragement, motivation, communication)
  • learn what Scripture says about women of influence, and examine a couple of examples of highly influential women we read about in the Bible (discussion/interaction opportunity)

Session 3: Be a Woman of Strength

Women will be encouraged to:

  • identify two misperceptions many of us have about strength and two biblical truths about strength we need to remember instead
  • understand the difference between God-size strength and “Me-strength”
  • examine Paul’s view on strength and why we are strongest when we are willing to die to ourselves (discussion/interaction opportunity)

Circle Breakers

Session 1: Perfect Circles, Hurting Hearts

Women will be encouraged to:

  • understand the lie of loneliness and the impact it has on our ability to connect with others
  • remember God’s purpose in creating us, and why we are significant to Him
  • think about their own friendships and evaluate the circles they find themselves in (discussion/interaction opportunity)

Session 2: Created for Connection

Women will be encouraged to:

  • recognize three connection killers and ways we can avoid them
  • learn why no one friendship is exactly like another - why certain friends are meant for certain seasons - and why being a friend is often more important than having a friend (discussion/interaction opportunity)

Session 3: Circle Breakers

Women will be encouraged to:

  • apply practical tips in keeping their circles broken and the importance of looking for others they can invite into their broken circles
  • understand that true friendships take time to grow
  • examine the life and ministry of Jesus and how He brought others into His circle - and why we should too