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Forgiveness is NOT easy. But when you come to a place where you’re willing to begin to let go of things that have held you prisoner for years – when you give those hurts and scars to God for Him to start healing – and you start  steps towards freedom and away from captivity – the change in your life can be amazing!

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Sample Facebook Posts – @sarahornwrites

I’m so excited about Sara Horn’s new book, How Can I Possibly Forgive?, that releases Oct. 1st! Pre-order it and receive 3 Bonus Gifts!


Sara Horn’s 6th book is available for pre-order! How Can I Possibly Forgive? Rescuing Your Heart from Resentment and Regretofficially releases October 1st! Pre-order and receive 3 Bonus Gifts, which includes beautiful wallpaper for your smart phone, perfect for reminding you to forgive when you’d rather not!


I love this quote from Sara Horn’s new book, How Can I Possibly Forgive – “If I can intentionally give Jesus my days in any given week, I can be intentional with giving him every day of my life.” Pre-order your copy here:


Get THREE bonus gifts when you pre-order Sara Horn’s new book, How Can I Possibly Forgive? including an exclusive video message from Sara.


Sample Tweets – @sarahorn



Sample E-Blast

Use this short sample email exactly as it is, or feel free to change it as you see fit. This is for launch week which happens September 28th – October 4th.


Dear                                                     ,

One of the biggest challenges we deal with in a friendship or a marriage or family relationship is when feelings get hurt, or situations happen that cause a rift and need repair. That’s why I am so excited about my friend Sara Horn’s new book, How Can I Possibly Forgive? Rescuing Your Heart from Resentment and Regret. 

Sara writes with such open and honest transparency, and I’ve enjoyed her previous books such as My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife, and her sequel My So-Called Life as a Submissive Wife (trust me, if you haven’t read it, you should – I don’t think it will be what you might expect). As a military wife who leads a military wife ministry, Wives of Faith, she has seen her share of ups and downs, and she shares both in this new book.

How Can I Possibly Forgive is now available for pre-order and officially releases October 1st. Sara is giving away 3 special gifts with every pre-order purchase. After purchasing the book, visit her website at and submit your receipt.

On Oct. 1st, RELEASE DAY!,  you’ll receive:

  • An exclusive video message from Sara
  • A beautiful printable featuring an index of all the scriptures used in the book as well as a set of scripture cards you can take with you
  • Beautiful wallpaper quotes for your smartphone

She is also offering a GORGEOUS Forgive crystal bead bracelet when you buy 3 or more copies!

Sara wrote How Can I Possibly Forgive because she knows from personal experience what can happen when negative or bitter feelings are held onto, instead of let go. She shares her own stories of dealing with hurtfrom others as well as examples of when she herself was in the wrong. At the end of each chapter, she offers practical, “try these now” steps to help you move towards a freer, more forgiving life that will also move you closer in your relationship with God.

Forgiveness is an act of letting something go. What are you still holding on to? Hold onto it NO MORE, and instead, find the freedom that happens when we choose to forgive, and discover that, YES, it’s POSSIBLE! Order your copy today. Connect with Sara on Facebook at, on Twitter at @sarahorn, on Instagram at @sarahornwrites and on Pinterest @MyProv31Wife.




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