Tour of Duty

Tour of Duty: Preparing Our Hearts for Deployment is a Bible study for Military Wives. Participants will join together with others who have a common thread—husbands who are being or have been deployed. This study helps wives deal with the emotional twists and turns they may not be ready to face. It will point them to God, and participants will learn how to lean on God and not carry so much of the weight that is so often placed on them. These women will learn to practically find their hope in Christ alone.

Military families like to be prepared—they plan, they strategize, they organize. But whether they’re active, National Guard, or Reserve, when deployment comes, all the planning in the world can still fail when it comes to their hearts.

Tour Of Duty is an excellent starting point for military wives to get connected with others in the military community who share this common thread. Women facing deployment can learn how to lean on God and come out of it confident in the knowledge that God is with them, He loves them, and He has not abandoned them.

This study, with weekly homework, can be done individually, but it is better suited for a group setting where women can discuss their personal experiences.

Sessions: 7 Chapters (8 group sessions)

  • Chapter 1 The Road Less Traveled
  • Chapter 2 Walking on Water
  • Chapter 3 Embracing the Detours
  • Chapter 4 The Desert of Enough
  • Chapter 5 Mountain for One
  • Chapter 6 Facing the Giants
  • Chapter 7 This Is Your Time

Bonus Material:

  • The Emotional and Spiritual Stages of Deployment
  • For Churches: Ministering to Military Families
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What Readers are Saying

“This Bible study is perfect because its casual yet digs deep at the real issues we need to be dealing with. My outlook on this upcoming deployment is so much better because of Tour of Duty. I can’t wait to share it with everybody I know.” ~ Kelly H., Air Force wife

“We just finished her deployment devotional and it was WONDERFUL. Sara Horn has a real gift for getting real and being encouraging simultaneously.” ~ Mandy, Army wife

Promo Materials and Weekly Videos

Videos are available to kick off your weekly group sessions. (Click the link or the yellow button in the sidebar labeled Tour of Duty Videos.) These videos were originally used for an online semester at Wives of Faith but can be used with small groups as well.

These promotional materials are free for you and your church or military spouse group to use. Click on each image to download and save to your computer.

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